Client Centric Selling for Painters, remodelers and in home selling professionals

Client Centric Selling - Painters- Remodelers

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About this course

Thank You for your interest in the Client-Centric Selling course. I am thrilled to offer this powerful sales course created and presented by Carl Utter, using my sales processes modified for in-home selling. This course is perfect for, remodelers, painters, plumbing, HVAC as well as all trades selling residential services.  I believe that most people in your industry are estimators, not salespeople, and a simple pivot in your thinking, beliefs, and training will be the difference in selling more, making more, and getting time back in your life. The time that you waste going on the wrong estimates that could have been better qualified before spending the time to drive to an appointment, spending the hour at the house only to end up spending another hour of following up.  
As you know, we have two-course options. 
The first is the Introduction to the Client-Centric Selling course which will be 8 sessions over 10 weeks. This course comes with a no-risk money-back guarantee.
The second option is the full year Client-Centric Mastery course which combines the 8-week introduction to Client Centric Selling followed by 10 months of small group coaching to increase your mastery by full immersion, understanding, and role-playing for you to sell to your full potential. 
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Course Structure


Chapter One Welcome and Course Overview 5 Lessons

Welcome to Your Play Book

In this module, you will receive instruction on your 3-course assets.

  1. The Training Manual
  2. Your Sales Playbook
  3. The Client-Centric Selling Scorecard.

Lesson 1 The Client-Centric Selling System

This lesson will take a look at all the steps of the system. You will get a visual feel for how each step builds on the steps before and will keep you from wasting your time with tire kickers and price shoppers who will only waste your time.

The On the Way Call 1 Lesson

Chapter Bonding and Rapport 4 Lessons

Lesson 1 introductions.

In this lesson, you will be introduced to the science of Neuro-Linguistic programming and some very powerful tools to help you build influence, rapport, and trust at a lightning-quick pace.

When you fully master the tools and techniques taught in this chapter you will be able to:

  1. Quickly identify prospects preferred mode of communicating.
  2. Adapt your own communication style to match your prospects' communication style.
  3. Develop very high levels of trust quickly and easily. 
  4. Learn what their preferred style of communication is.




Lesson 2 Introduction to NLP Communication Styles

This lesson is the first of the NLP model of building deeper levels of trust. By creating a sense of sameness, and similarity, you create a much deeper connection with your customer. 

Lesson 3 Auditorys Visuals Kinethectics Part 1

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify which mode of communication is preferred and how to match and mirror that in order to create a much deeper level of know, like, and trust. 

Lesson 4 Auditory Visuals Kinethetics Part 2

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify which of the three types of buyers your customer is, how to adapt your communication style to not only create rapport but to influence by creating the know like and trust factor.

Chapter 4 Setting the Agenda- Your Pre- Engineered Agreement 2 Lessons

Lesson 1: The Agenda

The agenda is the single most important step of the sale. The agenda allows you to take control of the call and steer it in the right direction. By setting a simple agenda, this sends a powerful and professional message that you're organized and prepared to help the customer get exactly what they need in a paint job. 

Building a Compelling Crediability Statement 2 Lessons

Build Your Credibility Statement

In this lesson, I provide you with fill in a blank template for building your credibility statement.

Conducting Interview - Power Questions 4 Lessons

Conducting the Interview – Power Questions

This is by far the most critical step. This is where sales are won or lost. You do not sell by telling. In the trades, there is a saying

“If you’re talking, they will send you walking “

This means it is important to get your customer talking.  Your tool kit to achieve sales supremacy will be your POWER QUESTIONS

Here are the actual power questions.

Here is a list of power questions for this chapter.

Power Questions, Video Part 1

This is a live video demo and you will see how the interview flows. 

Conduct Inspection 2 Lessons

Conduct The Inspection

The inspection is what the home typically expects you to do when you arrive at the house. 

Chapter 8 Presenting your solution and Proposal 1 Lesson

Closing - Comming Soon 1 Lesson