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I have a confession.

I didn't start out wanting to work with painters. My 1st painting client, Kellin hired me to teach his estimators how to sell and close more estimates.  Kellin had grown his business to about $1.75 in sales. He had systematized his entire business. Even with all his systems, he still struggled with sales. He had hired a trainer from the Dale Carnegie Training. He had hired several coaches, and he attended Sandler Sales Training, but couldn't seem to get results with it. Yet he still found that he wasn't getting the sales growth he expected.

I had already developed my 5 Step System that a lot of his friends were using. When I first met him, he was skeptical, frustrated, and angry that he had spent all this money on other approaches that didn't work for the painting business.

We put a plan together and went to work. Results were slow at first but by the end of the 1st year, I helped him hire better people and get his 2 best-selling estimators a 20% salary increase. Over a two-and-a-half-year period, I helped Kellin grow from $1.75M in sales to $5.5M. He must have told 10 other painters what I did for him. I have implemented my 5 Step System to doubling sales in hundreds of painting company's big and small alike. The next thing you know, I was the leading Sales Trainer for the painting industry.

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  • Tired of tire kickers, price shoppers and are frustrated with people who just can't see past the price and cost. 
  • You want to sell your services based on value, not price. 
  • You are not exactly sure the right way to increase sales and want a tried and true system you can count on.
  • You know you're better than the other painters, but struggle to convince your buyers of the difference. 
  • Than, this guide is for you.

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