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Transform how you select and manage your talent. 


Higher retention. Stronger performances. Happier employees.

Higher retention.

Stronger performance.

Happier employees.

For HR teams and business leaders, talent management presents a host of challenges. Talexes Talassure Workforce Assessments help you select the best employees and ensure they perform at the highest level.

 Talexes Talassure Workforce Assessments 

ESA- Executive Sales Assessments - The purpose of the Talassure ESA (Executive Sales Analysis) is to identify sales behaviors as viewed by a salesperson and their respective Sales Manager(s). There are 64 sales behaviors presented as sales items. These 64 items are grouped into 15 Skill Sets which further group into 6 Universal Sales Competencies. Both Salesperson and Manager provided ratings based on their perceptions of performanc

Talassure MX -Measure cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and professional interests among upper-level professional talent. TalassureMX helps you improve job fit across your organization, which ultimately increases productivity and retention.

Talassure Q -Now you can identify the most promising entry-level hires. TalassureQ measures personality, cognitive abilities, and character. You’ll know right away whether a candidate can do – and will do – a specific job.

Talent benechmarking - 360 Feedback- customized assessments specific to your business and your culture



It’s All About Job Fit

Define the characteristics that equal success for the job -Compare Candidate to the job for fit. 

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Our unique process allows you to take your top producers and build a blue print of  what makes them successfull. This allows you to hire the best so you can spend your time and energy developing winners and stop wasting time on non- perfromers.

How much money is wasted on poor performing employees that don't work out ? 

Isn't it time to stop the guess work? Hiring is a science. Get proven data based information before you make your next hire.