The Painter Guide to Client - Centric Selling

I help painting companies develop effective, professional selling skills needed to out sell competitors and close the most profitable estimates you quote.

By developing the right selling skills you win more estimates, out sell your competition and lay the ground work for a sustainable revenue growth. 

My training comes with a guarantee and usually pays for itself 8 x's over 

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Don't take my word for it. See what your peers have been able to accomplish with this amazing training.


Find out about my "Don't Trust Me Guarantee"

Last year I introduced my "Don't Trust Me Guarantee".

You paid good money to consultants and coaches who said "Trust ME". Let's not do that any more.

If I take you on as a client, pay me nothing for the 1st month. If I deliver on my promise of building a sustainable project closing sales system that increases sales....Pay me! if I don't deliver, risk nothing.

David Cooley , Cooley Brothers Painting

Residential Painter

Since working with Carl, we grew gross sales from $350k a year $1.5M. We have fine-tuned our sales process and increased close ratio from 35% to 60%.

We accomplished this without having to discount our price.

Mark Floyd , ZSI Painting Inc.


Having been in sales now about 18 years I am fascinated by your lessons regarding Client Centric selling.

. I am certain had I taken the opportunity to hone in more sales training 18 years ago I would be more prepared to identify and adapt in conversation towards closing more work. It is common sense practice, practice and practice can only make you better.

Carl’s Way Works systems can springboard your sales efforts and make the most of the opportunities before you have.

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  • Break the Rule- Close More Estimates

    Here are some highlights:

    SALE, that’s a four-letter word and a lot of small business owners shy away from it. What can you tell us about sales?

    It’s one of the three core parts of owning a business. In other words, a business only has three tasks. They have to find clients, they have to satisfy those clients and they continually have to update and upgrade how they find and satisfy clients, which is innovation. Sales and marketing are at the core of any growing business.

  • Four Ways to Provide a White Glove Customer Centric Estimate Call

    Don’t just provide an estimate- Slow down and give your prospective client an experience: Show you care- ask more questions.  Ask about experiences — good and bad with other contractors. Understand the emotions driving your customers decision. It isn’t money.  Uncover buying criteria– it’s the only way you’ll know if it’s a fit. Demostrate empathy


8 Reasons why we should work together

My Don't Trust me

 I’ll take the risk with my “Don’t Trust Me Guarantee"

All too often other experts ask for your money before they have proven their value. You end up making a very large investment only to find that the value delivered failed to make any significant difference to your business.

Reason 2: ROI typically 7 to 10 times your investment.   You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule. The focusis on the vital few areas that drive the greatest amount of Sales and revenue growth.

Reason 3: Uniquely designed specifically for painters and remodelers who sell a service, in the home.  This is very important!

Reason 4: Start increasing revenue immediately because of the sales and marketing focus you’ll get revenue focused immediately.  With increased revenues comes the ability to scale your business. Hire better people, improve your infrastructure. Imagine having the cash flow to write a check for whatever you need.


Reasons 5-8

Reason 5 Pay yourself 1st. Profit B4 expense is the secret to increasing your personal compensation. By taking your profit 1st you’re increasing your compensation. Business is about profit.  More profit means more freedom.

Reason 6: When you get stuck, I got you’re back. You get my personal guidance every step of the way. I work with you to make sure you’re getting results. My 22 years of expertise is what gets you the results you want.

Reason 7: A steady stream of sales.

You get more than just coaching and training. Wouldn’t it be great to have enough business to pick and choose who you work with? Using this system gets you the leads you need, to get the sales you want, to make the income you desire. And ultimately more money in your pocket.  This frees you up to focus doing what you love.

Reason 8: This is the gift that keeps on giving. Ok this is an investment not a gift.  







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