It’s a Me Too World- Dare to be different 

 June 5, 2020

By  Carl

It’s a MeToo World Out There


At the most basic level, any business has 3 simple purposes.


  1. Find customers
  2. Satisfy those customers
  3. Continue to innovate how to find and satisfy customers.

With. It’s getting harder and harder for +customers to find any real unique differentiation.

Why is that?

Because salespeople are not very good at differentiating themselves from the competition, leaving buyers to make a transactional buying decision.

When your salespeople can’t communicate what makes your products or services unique and valuable, the buyer sees the transaction as a commodity.

So, what is the solution?

Lower your prices in order to compete? I don’t think so. If you live by price, you die by price. (I don’t want you to die)

The System Make the Sale – Salesperson Run the System

In business, systems run your company. People run your systems. Why should salespeople be any different? But they are.

“Harvard Review did a study that estimates that less than 24% of the companies out there have a formalized sales system.

And those companies are on average more than 20% more profitable”

Why is that? Because having a reliable selling system gives you the following benefits

  1. A reliable way to Find customers (remember # 1purpose of any business)
  2. Positions you to differentiate yourself in order to better satisfy your clients. By developing points of differentiating yourself. This allows your sales team to better communicate what the customer’s life will be like when you solve their problem.
  3. Developing a selling system helps you to accomplish the third goal of every business. Improve how you find and satisfy customers.


Founded Training Group Inc. and owner of Carl’s Way Works Sales and business Coaching Systems providing online and offline Business coaching programs, sales, and client acquisition training. During the past 18 years of real entrepreneurial business experience, I have provided sales and business performance coaching, sales training, and sales force development consulting. I have written and developed numerous programs like “Client-Centric Selling”, “5 Ways to Double Your Business Without Making Cold Calls”, and “How to Become the 800lb Gorilla Nobody Wants to Compete With”, to name just to name a few.

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