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Episode #21 Christine Schlonski- Heart Selling 

Christine Schlonski,-  The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset Christine is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales Mindset, Motivation, and Strategies. In this episode talks about overcoming discomfort selling using a heart-centered approach. She shares that if you love what you do but have a difficult time selling, using a couple of free tips she shares will help you. She also shares some great giveaways as well.

Christine shows you to make sales with ease, grace, confidence,

 Christine Schlonski-Heart Selling

Episode # 20 Aaron Walker View From the Top

Aaron Walker is the Mastermind behind the mastermind groups, IRON SHARPENS IRON MASTERMIND GROUP In this episode, Aaron talks about the danger of being isolated as a business owner. He shares his stories about how entrepreneurs take on more and more tasks and the issues of having all their bandwidth consumed by the things they should not be doing. He also shares the importance of being in community and how being part of a mastermind can make all the difference

(615) 207-3018

100 Hazel Path, Ste. A Hendersonville, TN 37075 What You’ll Learn

Episode # 15 David Shriner- Cahn- Smashing the Plateau

In just a couple of days, David Shriner-Cahn is going to show,
in real-time, how to make more money, avoid costly mistakes, and build your unique
value proposition.
David’s model, that he will demonstrate, is specifically for consultants, coaches
and individual entrepreneurs using their knowledge and creativity to help
clients succeed.
Here’s the link to register
Please note …
This is simply a demonstration, in real-time, to show you David’s unique
solopreneur growth model.

Episode # 19 Kyle Hunt Remodel Your Marketing

Are you a residential re-modeler with a focus on kitchens and baths?
Then today’s show with Kyle Hunt is the perfect place for you.

In this episode, Kyle talks about how re-modelers can get their life back, work fewer hours and reduce the stress of owning a remodeling business. He lays out what you should be focusing on and gives you two excellent free tips you can implement immediately and one FREE gift.

For the last ten years, Kyle’s focus is on re-modelers selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and that are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work.

Kyle Hunt: Remodel Your Marketing

Episode # 18 Dr. Ken Keis CRG Leader

In this episode, Ken Keis, Ph.D., is a foremost global authority on behavioral assessment strategies and processes, an expert in leadership, purpose, and wellness.

Can discuss what holds leaders back and what they can do about it. Why Leaders, if they are to rise above in business, needs a coach.
Learn how your leadership style is affecting your results •Transforming Leadership requires skills for the 21st-century leader.

Get Kens Free offer at  |  604-852-0566 kenkeiscrgleader

Episode #17 Mitchell Levy – Aha that

Listen as Mitchell explains what a thought leader is and why you need to be one. If your an expert or changing a or pursuing a new market this is a must-have episode because Mitchel lays out the exact strategy to become the go-to expert in that market. Are you thinking about writing a book? Mitchel gives you the exact format to use and directs you to FREE resources to get you started.




Episode # 16 Jake Tuschinski – Divinitatis Consulting

In this episode Jake ( Too – Shin – Skee), owner of Divinitatis Consulting, and Founder of Life Leadership Co. shares how to get in touch with your inner CEO. In her no-nonsense style she delivers powerful information about what holds leaders back from fulfilling their potential leadership abilities. Her 20 years of expertise include leadership development, networking with strong relationship outcomes and communication skills. She shares wonderful FREE advice as well as provides some great freebies on her website. Listen as she answers 7 Questions in 10 Minutes to help you grow your business. Get your free copy of Jake’s Life Leadership Guide at

Episode # 15 Terri Levine -Heartrepreneur LLC

My good friend Terri Levine’s new book is the culmination of decades of her struggles and soul searching. Terri shares her deeply transformative approach to helping entrepreneurs grow happy, healthy and profitable businesses. She shares the number one mistake business owners make and what to do about them …plus some awesome freebies worth $5,000.00. Listen to find out how you can get yours.

This culminates in a groundbreaking success secret that Terri shares with you. Her book and her interview are truly remarkable.

http://Get Terri’s new booke About to Break
http://Go to Terri’s page to see her

Episode # 15 David Shriner- Cahn- Smashing the Plateau


Thinking about going out on your own in business? Maybe you’re tired of the rat race, or you’ve been downsized and it’s time to start your own business. In this episode #14 of the 800 lb. Gorilla expert podcast David Shriner- Cahn is an expert at helping you go solo. David will walk you through the perils and trauma of losing a job and taking that big leap of faith into a business of your own. But don’t worry, he’ll guide through the land mines. Listen as David shares common mistakes, free actions you can take to help you make it successfully.

Episode #13 Thor Conklin – Profitability Consultant 


Thor Conklin is the founder of Peak Performance Group as well as Partner & Co-Founder of Harcon Capital. Thor is a profitability consultant in this episode Thor shares why 96% of business fail within 10 years. The ONLY reason they fail is a lack of Profits. Of the 4% that do survive, many only produce enough profits to break even, pay the owner a meager wage or provide shareholders below-market returns.
Company Contact Information:
Direct Contact:
Peak Performers Podcast: Listen Here

Episode #12 Michael Zurpinski



Michael Zipursky is the CEO of Consulting Success® and Coach to Consultants. He has advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, RBC, and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets,

consultants from around the world in over 50 industries add six and seven figures to their annual revenues.

Michael is also the author of the Amazon Best Sellers “The Elite Consulting Mind” and Consulting Success®, the book.

You can get Michael’s Free 47-Page Consulting Blueprint.

Link to the blueprint:

Episode # 11 Simon Hazeldine

Simon Hazeldine works internationally as a keynote and conference speaker, sales performance consultant and as a sales and negotiation training his client list include some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

Simon has a master’s degree in psychology, is the bestselling author of five books that have been endorsed by a host of business leaders including multi-billionaire business legend Michael Dell and is the co-founder of the UK’s leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”

Episode # 10  Linkedin Marketing -Richard Shanks -Marketing Musts

In this episode Shanks, as he likes to be called, shares his expertise in using Linkedin strategies for B2B lead generation. New leads are the life force of any business Shanks tells us what to avoid and gives you rock-solid suggestions to grow your business while focusing your strategy on what really works. Learn more about Marketing Musts and get Richards free live assessment of your strategy at

Episode # 9 Nina Cooke- Breaking Your Glass Ceiling


Nina Cook helps successful, but stuck business owners who have hit a ceiling, overcome their internal blocks so they can create more income, time and freedom.
Nina’s superpower is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why they’re struggling. And then showing them how they can clear out their resistance. So they can charge their value, serve a wider and deeper audience, and have easier relationships.

Maybe you feel like your business could be so much better then you’ll want to listen to this show.

Creator of the 3 steps to smashing through your income ceiling glass ceiling
You get that at


Episode # 7:  Wes Chandler – The Sales Whisperer

In this episode, Wes talks about what happens when companies don’t realize they have a sales problem until they start missing quarterly goals. Wes talks about busting down and eliminating silos, so that sales, marketing, and operation are all on the same page.

Wes is known for his unique ability to help companies find the right CRM system for their business. Wes has written 2 1/2 books on Sales and CRM software and is a Sales consultant/Sales trainer

Too often people want to hire from within and when there is no mentorship program in place, high producing salespeople end up being mediocre managers.

Wes talks about the need to follow a structured agenda when making sales calls. He offers a free resource at

Get your sales agenda at

Episode # 6: Barbara Grassey-


In this episode, Barbara talks us through how to leverage a book to grow your business, what you should write about and how to get started. Barbara uses her marketing expertise with her knowledge of book writing to hit the grand slam of all marketing strategies. Listen as she unravels the mystery of becoming a successful author…

Episode # 5: Tanya Alverez – OwnersUp


Tanya shares her knowledge on how to optimize your business to achieve maximum profits. OwnersUp helps a business solve their biggest challenges by tapping into other smart business owners and business coaches who have helped build million-dollar companies.

In this episode, she talks about the need for solo entrepreneurs to have goals and the importance of accountability. Get your how-to guide on building your own board of directors group

Get a free copy  by email;

Episode # 4: Francis Waller – Gap Management

Part 1 is Test Your List. Your lists of Contacts (not Clients) is a very important asset to be managed. By reviewing a sampling of the contacts you know that you have now, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses. “Many contacts” is not enough: you need “contacts of many types”.

Part 2 is Networking Notes. When you use a simple way to record people’s information after meeting them, you can focus on meeting more people. It will really boost your results when you can reliably write down key facts while the conversations are fresh in your mind.

After you get back to the quiet of your office, move that information into some sort of Contact Management system. Then your Networking time investment will start to pay off as you organize your contacts, to focus on the “right few”. By growing relationships with the right types, your reputation and circle of influence will expand.

Click Here to download these guides.

Episode # 3: Linnea Blair- Advisors on Target 

Linnea Blair from Advisors on Target shares her secrets to getting your business running based on good planning and understanding how to manage the financials to maximize performance and profitability.

Visit Linnea Blair helps business owners become effective leaders, how to grow and run a more profitable and professional business.


Episode # 2: Fred Hubler – Mr. Retainer

In this episode, Fred talks about how advisers can get paid for giving advice vs. the old assets under management model. The times are changing and Financial Advisors need to change with the times. Fred teaches advisers to charge for the advice they give, not the products they sell. Get Fred’s Free Resources https://resources.retainerbasedacadem…


Episode # 1 Bill Doerr: – Get More Clients Now 

In this episode Bill Doerr discusses the importance of know, like and trust as an integral part of any new client acquisition strategy.

Bill shows us the importance of a follow-up strategy so that you can keep in touch, stay in mind and become the go-to expert in your field. Bill specializes in helping coaches, consultants, advisers, CFP’s and CPA’s just to name a few. Bill helps those who struggle with growing new clients and with what Bill calls “cash to grow”.

Go to Bill’s web site to learn more.
The free resources Bill talked about:






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